Services & Partners


Castles, vineyards, themed farms, century-old buildings, ultramodern spaces, on board of a boat, are just a few possible location for your wedding. Making the right choice can become a nightmare!

We know how to help you choose the venue that most suits your desires, the one that corresponds to your expectations and to the demanding quality standards.

In Save the Date we have already held weddings at the most exclusive venues and maintain agreements with different venues so that we can offer you the best solution.


The time of shrimp cascades is over.

The bride and groom have increasingly sophisticated and demanding tastes.

They are more aware of what they want to offer to their guests, are attentive to food waste and do not forget the vegetarian or vegan choices and are concerned to food allergies of their guests.

Our catering partners are aware of these requirements and prepared to any challenge.

Wedding dresses

Choosing the wedding dress can be a herculean task.

If for some brides the "Yes, to the dress!" comes right with the first try, for others it becomes an almost impossible mission.

For us, there is nothing impossible.

We make the searching of the perfect dress a fun mission and we're alongside our brides in all steps of the way, ready to give our advice about the model that favors them the most.


The choice of the stationery is fundamental. It is an extension of the wedding and the chosen design reflects the mood board, giving a small hint of what the guests will find on the day of the wedding.

The choice is diverse and ranges from the most sophisticated with gold printing to the exclusively digital ones. Everything goes from the right choice of a professional designer who can capture what you want right from the first meeting.

Photography and Video

It's a common place “but a photograph is worth a thousand words".

They are also one of the biggest concerns of the bride and groom.

Photography is a state of mind and for the photographer to capture the magic, there must be a relationship of total empathy between grooms and the professional.


The party is made of lots of dancing, laughing and fun. What’s better than that?

Live music, DJ, lights, fireworks, performances, magic and even classical music singers. The range of options is huge, and we can also be of great help with some excellent partners.