Destination Wedding

Portugal is very often the destination chosen by foreign couples to celebrate a day as special as their wedding day. Either because they are Portugal’s unconditional lovers, or because they’ve visited the country and fell in love, or because it is lately one of world’s top destinations and they believe that they will celebrate a dream wedding in our country. But there are also cases, in there the bride or groom is Portuguese or because one of them has Portuguese roots and an emotional connection.

For those who choose Portugal or are considering doing so, it is very easy to explain the charm of our country.

Portugal and the Portuguese know how to welcome; but above all they have a great pleasure in welcoming. And they do it with open arms and a smile on their face.

Very hospitable and helpful, the Portuguese have the art of making anyone feel at home. And there is no better feeling than being abroad but still feel like home.

In the case of Portugal there is! There is so much more. There is a fantastic gastronomy, considered one of the best in the world; wines rich in flavor, being the country with the most autochthonous grape varieties in the world; an extraordinary climate with almost 300 sunny days a year; a unique light, ideal for capturing the best photos to remember good moments; streets, places and monuments full of history and culture, for enriching visits before or after the big day; magnificent palaces, castles, beaches or gardens, for memorable wedding celebrations.

Are there more fantastic countries to celebrate your wedding? Perhaps! But if it will be as special as getting married in Portugal? We doubt it!

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