Destination Wedding

We have already told you about the gardens, the halls, the greenhouse and the fruit trees, but we are not done here. Duas Quintas has rural tourism, with a capacity for 6 double rooms with private bathroom, a suite for newlyweds, two divine lounges, one with a fireplace and books, many books for moments of total relaxation and a lounge with a table snooker with a romantic window with a view to fill your soul and heart.

Mini Wedding

For dog lovers (like the entire Save The Date team), Duas Quintas has three nice bigeyes that love petting and showing up, just imagine! Black, for example, was the star of this day. But do not worry, if you do not sympathize with these little beings who, when they are extremely happy, seek attention in a disconcerted and not always appealing way, they can be comfortably closed in their comfortable spaces. We don't want scared guests!

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